Two way communications for teachers and pupils & parents/carers – Free Until September 

Schools are now able to send messages home. Teachers are able to send messages to pupils or their parents/carers. Pupils and parents/carers can also message teachers. Who can be messaged is left to the discretion of the school, ie. Timetabled Teachers/Head of Year/Form Tutor Only or All Teachers on System.  This module can be enabled in the ‘Messaging’ section of school settings.

Please click here for a guide on how to enable this module.

Please click here for a guide on how to message pupils & parent/carers as a teacher.

Please click here for a guide on how to have an overview of all messages as a School Admin.

Please click here for a guide on how parents can use messaging.

Please click here for a guide on how pupils can use messaging.

Ability to send homework file submission summaries to teachers 

We have introduced a new setting in the ‘Homework’ section of School Settings > 

Schools can also choose at what time the email is sent by using the “

When enabled an email will be sent at the specified time detailing homework files submitted for which homework and by which pupil. The email will contain submissions in any lesson that they are assigned to, not just the homework they have set.

Take homework submission and add feedback from the Homework Calendar List Tab

Users can now mark homework submission and view/add feedback from the Homework Calendar > List Tab. Users will see the differentiation button which can be clicked to see a list of pupils assigned to the homework.

For more information on our Homework module please click here.

Announcements – “Seen by” column – Parents and Pupil columns

Users can now see which parents and pupils have seen announcements. To do this simply click the entries in the ‘Seen by‘ column on the announcements table. To find out more, click on the following Knowledgebase article.

Allow a ‘Priority-Pinned’ announcement

School Admin users now have the ability to ‘Priority-Pin’ an announcement. Only one announcement can be ‘Priority-Pinned’ at a time. This announcement will always appear at the top of the announcements list. Once an announcement is ‘Priority-Pinned’ it will only be editable by School Admins. A warning will be displayed when setting a ‘Priority-Pinned’ telling users any existing ‘Priority-Pinned’ announcement will be replaced. To find out more, click on the following Knowledgebase article.

For more information on our Announcement module please click here.

Dispersing seating plans

We have introduced a new tickbox when suggesting a seating plan to disperse pupils. Using the tickbox will seat the pupils at a maximum distance from each other. This will help on return to the classroom, so that the safety of pupils and staff can be maximised.

Export of parent contact details – schools using SIMS with Wonde as integration partner only

Users can now export parent contact details that we are able to pull from SIMS (only if using Wonde as integration partner – please check your School Settings > System Settings to see which integration partner you are using). To enable this feature your Main School Admin must get in contact with us. You will then be able to export these details from School Settings > Pupils & Parents. 

For any further information or queries please contact us at