• We now display a pupils attendance record for the selected day when submitting attendance

  • Implement the ability to access lessons from the “Teachers” attendance page

When viewing the Analytics > Attendance > Teachers page, clicking the grid spaces will open the End of Class Report for the scheduled lesson.

  • New column to prevent codes being overwritten

If you navigate to School Settings > Attendance > Attendance Codes you will see a new column, “Allow teachers to overwrite”, when set to No teachers will be unable to change the code once it has been set. School Admins will be able to overwrite all codes.

  • Mouseover logs for attendance mark

When in Analytics > Attendance > Display All, mousing over an attendance mark will give you the history of that mark, whether it has been changed, or any previous notes. We will also indicate if the mark was recorded in SIMS, if it does not say SIMS the mark has been recorded within Class Charts.

  • A new filter to show Session/Lesson attendance only

When in Analytics > Attendance > Display All, there is now a fifth filter which allows users to display just Session or just Lesson attendance.

  • You can now bulk set attendance on the “Display all” page via pupil name

You can now select multiple pupils within Analytics > Attendance > Display All, clicking pupil names will highlight them and you can use the Set Attendance button to flood fill attendance.

  • New Attendance Analytics section – Tutor Group Attendance Grid

Under Analytics > Attendance, we have introduced a new section called Teachers AM/PM. This page will show whether all pupils in a tutor group have had their AM/PM attendance taken. You have the ability to send missed register emails to teachers from this page (based on who the tutor is from Three Lines Menu > Tutor Groups).

  • Filter options now affect the printout of Fire Drill
When a filter is applied to Analytics > Attendance > Fire Drill, the changes will be reflected on the printout.
For more information on our Attendance Module please click here.


  • Wellbeing submissions can be referred to other members of staff

Wellbeing submissions can be referred by users with the Wellbeing permission to other members of staff with the permission.

  • Wellbeing

Wellbeing submissions by parents and pupils can now be done via their accounts/app for schools who have purchased the Wellbeing module. You can enable wellbeing submissions by parents and pupils from School Settings > Pupils & Parents > The wellbeing feature for parents/pupils will be disabled by default for all schools who have purchased the Wellbeing module. Trackers can be displayed to parents/pupils in School Settings > Wellbeing. 

We display parent/pupil submissions on pupil graphs in their reports, activity feed and display in breakdown reports. Pupils/parents cannot see each others submissions or teachers submissions, only their own. Parents can not see other parents submissions. Teachers (with Wellbeing permission ticked) can see all submissions.

To view more information on our Wellbeing module or to request a demo please click here.

General feature updates

  •  ‘Who can delete detentions set by others’ setting – we now allow analytics users to be an option on the dropdown.

In School Settings > Detentions > Detention options, ‘Who can delete detentions set by others’, now has an option for School admins & Analytic Users only.

  • Display out of stock rewards on the to pupils.

We now display Out of Stock rewards on the pupil accounts and apps.

  • Option to display warning to teachers that homework is due and submission not taken

Within School Settings > Homework we have added a new option, “

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