Connecting Parents with Schools

Class Charts has introduced a range of new features which are all about connecting parents with schools. Staff in schools can now :-

  • Share detentions with parents
  • Share intelligence events with parents
  • Share notes with parents


It is important for parents to know if their child has been given a detention and often it is hard for schools to communicate this home. We have now created a school setting which, when enabled, will notify parents when their child has been given a detention, including time, location and date.

Connecting parents with schools through detention sharing


Intelligence events  automatically perform chosen actions when certain conditions have been met by students and their behaviour activity. For example if a student receives 10 positive behaviour points within 5 days, a school could set up an intelligence event to award the student extra points, or award them a certificate. We believe it is crucial for parents to know when their child is triggering off these events to keep them updated of their behaviour activity, positive or negative, when they are at school.

Connecting parents with schools through intelligence events

Connecting parents with schools through intelligence events

Staff who use Class Charts are able to leave notes on a student’s profile detailing anything they need to keep track of, or that they need others to be aware of. We have now made it possible for these notes to be shared with parents, which could be used to let them know their child has been given a piece of homework to complete, or for example if a school trip is being planned.

Connecting parents with schools through notes

Conencting parents with schools through notes

To make the most of these new features why don’t you download our parent app, ‘ClassCharts Parent’ which is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play)

ll of these instances of detentions, notes and intelligence events being shared with parents are always at the school’s discretion, but they are a very handy tool which schools can use to connect with parents as we all know how difficult it can be to keep parents informed of what goes on in school on a day-to-day basis.

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