Behaviour Follow-Up Comments

Here at Class Charts we think it is vital that there is a system to track behaviour follow-up outcomes to ensure your school is keeping a check of its students behaviour and staff are aware if outcomes they put in place are followed up by your SLT.

The importance of following up behaviours has long been established, as an early intervention tool and for keeping a clear record of a student’s long term behaviour. Following up a behaviour incident shows students that a teacher is serious and that their behaviour can not be tolerated better than a simple telling off during a hectic class would.

As teachers are busy and SLT are busy, it is often difficult for the two to maintain constant communication face to face so there needs to be a way for teachers to ensure incidents that need further action taken are actually having this action they recommended implemented.

We have introduced an innovative behaviour follow-up comments system to our activity feed where heads of behaviour can leave information on what action was taken on behaviour incidents which shows staff the behaviour incident they dealt with has been followed up.


This feature will also appeal to parents who want evidence that the school is doing a follow-up on behaviour incidents and that action is being taken to ensure that the school is taking its disciplinary methods seriously.

Not just a tool for discipline

It is just as important for well-behaving students to be rewarded for their achievements as it is for badly behaved students to understand their behaviour will not be tolerated.

We can use the follow-up comments system to ensure that certificates, letters home and other commendations are awarded to well-behaved students.

Desctop screenshot

To see an in-depth guide on how to use this feature follow the link below