Torquay Academ Case Study

Class Charts Testimonial

Evan Pugh, Torquay Academy

Evan Pugh is the Vice Principal at Torquay Academy in the South West of England. He recently got in touch with us to discuss how Class Charts has improved behaviour management at his school. Here are his takes on the software:

What was the situation in school that
prompted you to look at Class Charts?
“We recorded all of our behaviour and praise points in SIMS. Because it took a long time to log into SIMS, rewards or behaviours were not getting recorded immediately or sometimes not at all.

The reporting from SIMs was cumbersome and had to be set up by the admin support team. Low level behaviours were not being recorded , as they were not serious enough to record them on a student’s record.

We were using a different solution but it was not easy to change or responsive to changes in groups.”

What problems did you need Class
Charts to solve?
We wanted to record all behaviours, to monitor individuals and groups of students so we could target support effectively and intervene with individuals, before their behaviours spiralled out of control.

We wanted a seating plan that was easy to use and responsive to the individual teachers needs. We wanted teachers and tutors to be able to monitor and analyse the behaviours within their groups. We wanted staff to be able to see the relationship between the praise and the behaviour points they were giving to ensure praise outnumbered the behaviour points. We wanted a system that was immediate and easy to access and use.”

“Seating plans can be modified easily and teachers are able to update seating
plans based on the behaviour data at the touch of a button, so pupils sit with
others whom they work best with. Our praise to behaviour ratio is now 26:1″
Why did you choose us &
What set us apart as a solution?
“Class Charts integrates seating plans with behaviour management. It is quick to load, easy to use and has a lot of added value in its analytics.

It gives Heads of Years real time reporting of behaviour events. It reduces the lack of administration over certificates for praise points and it automatically informs admin staff when these have been achieved.

Behaviour can be easily analysed in what ever way you want and provides graphical analysis which is easily understood by both teacher and pupils.”

What part of Class Charts has had the
Biggest impact in school?
“We use the data from Class Charts to run a house competition, the top tutor group in each year group earn a mufti day each term. Heads of Year are better informed about issues in their year group.

We are able to identify classes which may have issues and put support in the class at the earliest opportunity to ensure all students make progress.”