Class Charts Seating Plan & Behavior Management App Coming Soon!

Our Award Winning Seating Plan & Behavior Management Platform is rolling out to our Ipad and Android Savy Teachers in Autumn 2015!

Teachers are spending less and less time sat behind their desks expressing diktats to pupils sitting front and center.  As class room layouts become more inclusive, and teachers spend more time managing their time between groups and areas in the class room, the requirement for teachers to have their teaching resources at their fingertips is becoming paramount.


Class Charts App!

Behavior & Classroom Management at your finger tips!


When Class Charts was created, we made everything in HTML 5 Coding.  This was an easy way to ensure any tablet; Ipad, Android or otherwise, could use Class Charts through their respective internet browsers with no app required.  That way, any tablet connected to the Internet can have a fluid user experience with no hick ups.

As the tablet market continues to converge on both IPads and Android OS Tablets, Class Charts has taken three years of positive feedback and streamlined our mobile experience into tailor made Apple App Store and Google Play Store apps that will make using our App as easy as any mouse and keyboard.

Due for release in Autumn 2015, stay tuned for updates and a release date!  With the plethora of Summer Updates coming to the Class Charts Website, our developers are working overtime to make sure our App is the real deal.

Keep an eye on us on for more updates on the Class Charts App on Twitter at @ClassCharts and checkout Class Charts website for more information!