Seating plans at Bedminster Down School

Pete Hallam, Deputy Headteacher and Jason Worlock, Network Manager

Bedminster Down School were looking for a quick and easy way to create seating plans that show the important information that staff need to know. We linked them up with SIMS and now every member of staff instantly had important pupil data at their fingertips in a clear and dynamic seating plan. Since coming on board Bedminster Down have upgraded to include our award winning behaviour management system which is fully synced with SIMS on a read/writeback basis. They were kind enough to give us some feedback about how Class Charts is helping in their school.

What are your roles?

Pete Hallam, Deputy Headteacher and Jason Worlock, Network Manager from Bedminster Down in Bristol.

Why did you choose Class Charts seating plans?

We wanted an easy system which would allow for teachers in September to come along and have a system where they could create seating plans with all of the information we needed in one place, that was easy to use.

How well does it work?

Immediately you go into your classroom, you bring up your seating plan. You can see what minimum expected grades the children have. You can see whether they are special needs, whether they are gifted and talented. You can also see whether they are pupil premium. The particular advantage is that if you want to change someone in the seating plan its a very easy to use system. It links with SIMS so everything is always up to date for the teachers.

Do you like it?

Yes! It’s a really really good seating plan system. Infact, not only do we like it, the staff have found it really useful as well. Getting to know your students in September is your top priority, Class Charts makes it a lot easier.

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