Seating plans for Ofsted

Ofsted love seating plans!

Seating plans, in particular ones that display key data about pupils are something that will help every teacher get through an Ofsted observation. They help the teacher identify which pupils need support and those that need to be challenged & stretched – ideal for class differentiation.

But in your average secondary school there are around 1,000 classes so that means a huge amount of time & effort goes into creating seating plans for an Ofsted inspection.
Class Charts is a school seating planner that connects to the data in your SIMS, Integris, CMIS etc . It saves teachers a huge amount of time and makes sure they are ready for with seating plans for Ofsted lesson observations.




The great thing about the seating plans in Class charts is that they are data rich. This means that not only do they display the pupil names & photo but also show the important data that teachers need to know. This gives instant access to key student information such as SEN, reading age & target grades and so teachers are always fully informed and can differentiate effectively in lessons.

It is very easy to use and there is also the option to combine the seating plans with behaviour management software, here is what one school has to say:

“We introduced Class Charts at St-Anne’s at the beginning of this academic year. It was really well received by staff and is being used to provide data-rich seating plans which saves time and makes data more readily available for day-to-day use in planning and differentiation. It is also being used to track positive negative behaviours and help teachers to coordinate group and enable and no-hands classroom. We have had some really positive feedback saying how Class Charts is a great tool that saves time and improves practice.”
Andrea Matteucci, St Anne’s Catholic School

If you go down the behaviour management route like St Anne’s school then you are really unleashing the full power of Class Charts. Not only will your staff have instant seating plans but they will also be able to record pupil behaviour in a couple of clicks (SIMS Wrtieback supported). The behaviour reports that are then available to the teachers & SLT provide a powerful means to track and monitor behaviour throughout the school.