Seating Plans for SIMS

SIMS seating plans for SIMS are easy with Class Charts and we also connect up with Integris, CMIS, Progresso and Powerschool.

SIMS seating plans

By connecting with Capita SIMS or any other school management system it means that everything is automatically updated every night. We use Capita Approved Technical Partners for the SIMS integration which means that everything has been tested by Capita in terms of security, compatibility and reliability.

Every night any changes to timetable, pupils or teachers are the seating plans synchronised and so there is very little maintenance involved, you do not need to upload are manually manage data.


What can be displayed on the SIMS seating plans?

Anything you like that you have in SIMS can be displayed on the seating plan. Most schools go for data such as Pupil Premium, SEN, Gifted, Reading Age & target levels although there is even the option to display long text such as intervention strategies. Any time the data about a pupil changes then it is updated with us that night.

If you go for the behaviour management side of Class Charts then we also do writeback for SIMS – this means that any achievement or behaviour points that you award in Class Charts automatically go back into SIMS within around 10 minutes. We also pull behaviour data from SIMS so the two systems are totally synchronised in terms of behaviour.

If you don’t use SIMS but use Integris, CMIS, Progresso or Powerschool then we also automatically synchronise with them but there are some limitations such as writeback not being available.

If you would like to find out more about the seating plan side of Class Charts then you can get a free online demo here.