Class Charts Behaviour Management Software

Whether you issue, track or report on behaviour Class Charts Behaviour management makes your job easier and allows you to have a more positive impact on behaviour issues in your school.


  • Issue behaviours in just 2-clicks
  • Customise your behaviours to match current school policy
  • SIMS Writeback
  • “Influences” allows you to create seating plans based on interactions of pupils
  • Stay informed of exactly what’s going on in your school with detailed reports
  • Pinpoint those in need of extra support or praise with Behaviour Trends
  • Intel Events

Record behaviour in just two clicks

Issuing points via paper diaries or spreadsheets is a slow and clunky process which leads to limited data. This limited data often focuses on the most severe negative behaviour – neglecting the low level and positive instances of behaviour. Class Charts allows you to record behaviour in just 2-clicks which means you get the most accurate picture of all behaviour across your school.

Customise your behaviours

Customise your Class Charts behaviours to match school policy. There’s no need to re-write your school’s behaviour policy as Class Charts has the flexibility to replicate the behaviour standards you hold as a school. Select points value, share with pupils and parents and even set them to write back to SIMS.

Influences gives you yet another tool to help manage your classroom

Class Charts’ unique Influences feature allows you to create seating plans based on how pupils interact with each other. It separates pupils who accumulate negatives while sat in close proximity to each other. Ideal for cover and supply, NQT’s and new staff.

Powerful in-depth reports

Use the dedicated Analytics section of the system to stay on top of exactly what’s going on in school. Save report templates and pinpoint those who need extra support or praise with Behaviour Trends.

Set behaviour thresholds to automatically send the right information to relevant staff with Intel Events. Having this information sent in a timely manner means low level disruption can be dealt with swiftly, serious incidents can be dealt with effectively and positive behaviour can be celebrated.

Getting started with Class Charts Behaviour is quick and simple

1. Create your behaviours

Customise the layout and arrange desks so pupils, colleagues, observers or inspectors know exactly who should be sat where.


 2. Issue points

Apply strategy to your seating plans – either with drag & drop – you know your pupils better than anyone – or by using the up-to-date Custom Fields.


 3. Stay up-to-date

Receive notifications when behaviour thresholds are met, allowing you to deal with issues quickly and stop escalation plus celebrating the positive behaviour which occurs.


 4. Track trends

View in-depth reports and prevent poor behaviour escalating by putting in support for those who need it and celebrate those who do the good things well most often.

Take a look at how the Class Charts Detentions feature enhances Class Charts even further.

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