Class Charts Communication

Our Communication module enables schools to quickly and easily share information with parents, pupils and teachers. Keeping everyone up to date has never been easier.
From Two-Way Messaging with images and files to online On-Report Cards with a customisable target library, this complete communication module enables schools to spend less time and money on communication home and focus on additional tasks. 

Two-Way Messaging to parents & pupils:


Two-Way Messaging enables teachers, pupils and parents to stay in touch quickly and easily. This feature can be used alongside our Attendance, Wellbeing and Homework modules to provide support to pupils where needed and send essential messages to parents. Pupils & parents will receive a push notification alerting them of new messages.

On-Report Cards

On-Report Cards

Say goodbye to physical, paper report cards. Our On-Report Cards enable you to put pupils on-report for a set amount of time with personalised targets. The card will automatically be shared into each class allowing teachers to give comments on each target. On-Report Cards can be shared with parents via their account where they will be able to view and comment on the card. 

Announcements to teachers

Quickly notify teachers of important school information by sending them an announcement within Class Charts. You are also able to send information to timetabled teachers of a specific pupil, heads of year, heads of house, form tutors and specific teachers. 

Announcements teachers
Report Absence

Reporting Absences

Class Charts now allows parents to report their child absent from school via their Class Charts account. Attendance staff are able to see at a glance the pupils that are absent today and their reasons. Staff are able to acknowledge the absence to the parent and directly message the parent should the absence not be authorised. This feature works seamlessly with Class Charts Attendance, enabling staff to amend attendance codes instantly and in turn updating all staff of the absence.

Announcements with consent forms

Announcements with consent forms allows you to request consent from parents directly through Class Charts straight to their accounts. Teachers can then see who has or hasn’t given consent and send reminders to those who are still pending. Parents are able to easily provide consent via their Class Charts account, along with any comments they wish to share. 


Class Charts Communication

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