Class Charts Attendance

Class Charts Attendance is an all-in-one attendance module that provides easy, online registers with powerful, visual analysis. 

Teachers are able to take AM/PM and lesson registers directly in Class Charts for remote and in-school learners, wherever they may be. 

Attendance Officers have a set of analysis tools that will allow them to monitor how attendance is taken school wide, flag any missing registers and communicate directly with parents and pupils. 

NEW: Parents are able to report their child absent directly via their Class Charts account.
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*Class Charts Attendance is only currently available for SIMS schools

Take attendance effortlessly

Teachers can take attendance for remote and in-school learners, quickly and effortlessly, wherever they may be. Class Charts Attendance provides teachers with a simple and easy way to take attendance by either flood filling or individual marking of attendance, providing more time for teaching.

Take Attendance

Track and manage absences effectively 

With our visual, whole school attendance report, you can easily spot unauthorised absences and patterns. Class Charts allows attendance officers to contact home directly via Class Charts Communication and provides parent contact details.


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Track Absences

Pupil Report

 You are able to view in detail a pupils’ attendance alongside their whole school behaviour, wellbeing, achievement badges and much more.

Remind teachers of missed registers

Sometimes registers are missed or left incomplete – Class Charts provides an overview of these registers so you can see at a glance which teachers need reminding. The reminder provides a list of their incomplete registers with hyperlinks which takes them directly into the class. 

Reporting absences 

Class Charts now allows parents to report their child absent from school via their Class Charts account. Attendance staff are able to see at a glance the pupils that are absent today and their reasons. Staff are able to acknowledge the absence to the parent and directly message the parent should the absence not be authorised via Class Charts Communication. You can share live or delayed attendance with parents, along with pupil behaviour, homework and detentions.


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Fire/Evacuation Reports

This is a special attendance report that is designed to assist staff in keeping track of each pupil in the event of an evacuation.

This report will produce a real-time summary for each tutor group/class, page by page.  Accessible via mobile devices as well as a printable option.

Class Charts Attendance

An all-in-one attendance module that provides easy, online registers with powerful, visual analysis.