Class Charts and SEN

Class Charts helps classroom teachers in a whole manner of different ways from effective information sharing to behaviour recording.


  • Up-to-date SEN information direct to seating plans
  • Make your in-class support more effective
  • Red, Amber, Green (RAG) pupils to pinpoint who exactly needs extra support
  • Further enhance your Class Charts account with Edukey’s Provision Map
  • Spot behavioural trends in SEN pupils’ behaviour and ensure they receive suitable support

Up-to-date SEN information

Our link with your MIS ensures up-to-date SEN information on seating plans – meaning staff are not only aware of which pupils have SEN needs but ensuring they can tailor their lessons to suit those needs.

Increase effectiveness of in-class support

For those lessons or tasks whereby support staff would usually have to pinball around the classroom to support SEN pupils, simply use the “cluster” option to quickly and easily sit SEN pupils together making their support more effective.

Pinpoint those who need extra support

SEN needs shouldn’t stand in the way of pupils’ success and academic achievement. Identify those that are Above, At or Below target with our Red Amber Green (RAG) system. pinpointing exactly who needs extra support.


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Joined-up thinking between the SEN department and the wider school

Users of Edukey’s Provision Map software can further enhance their Class Charts account by staying informed of the latest targets on pupils’ learning plans, pupil passports and provision information. You also have full control over which details are shared with staff.

Seeing the full picture

Are there aspects of school life that your SEN pupils are struggling with? Do you have an effective way of knowing which areas your SEN pupils are having difficulty with with regards to behaviour? Class Charts’ dedicated Analytics page ensures you can track trends and patterns so you can make sure pupils with SEN are suitably supported with regards to behaviour.