Detentions allows you to issue, share and track detentions set by staff.

An extension of the Class Charts Behaviour module.


  • Customise your detentions to fit current school policy
  • Attach Class Charts detentions to Class Charts behaviours for consistency
  • Automate your detentions with Intel Events
  • Our “upscale” feature means missed detentions don’t get lost and get escalated within the system.
  • Issued detentions feed into both pupil and parent accounts
  • A dedicated detentions section in Analytics

Flexible and bespoke detentions to match your schools policy

The Class Charts Detentions module has the flexibility to replicate your schools detentions policy. Create bespoke detentions complete with detention location, duration and start time to ensure that staff, pupils and parents are kept up-to-date with detention details.

Provide consistency

A lack of consistency in school proves frustrating for everyone – attaching detentions to behaviours means that everyone is aware of what the outcome is when a particular behaviour is issued.

Automated detentions to help tackle all kinds of poor behaviour

Certain behaviours in isolation may not be worthy of a detention – however an accumulation of these behaviours will eat away at teaching time and become a real bugbear for staff. Intel Events allows you to set thresholds of behaviour, which when met, results in a series of desired actions – one of which can be an automated detention. This means there can be consequences for continued low level disruption.

Easily track detention attendance

Tracking missed detentions is easily taken care of with our Upscale feature. Any detention marked as unattended without valid reason goes back into the Detentions Manager at the next highest level. This means that staff no longer have to update records manually – reducing the chance of mistakes.

Keep everyone in the picture

Share details of detentions with pupils and parents to keep everyone informed. Pupils will have a record of where they are expected to sit their detentions while parents get the whole picture as to how their child is behaving in school.

Get the whole picture

Create bespoke and detailed detention reports within Class Charts Analytics. Track pupils, groups and more, discover where the pinch-points are and even how much time pupils pupils owe in missed detentions.