“Our pastoral team are already becoming more proactive rather than reactive.” 

Georgina Theobald, Data Manager at Harefield Academy


This product has single handily made a huge positive influence amongst my teaching staff. As you know, teachers can sometime dwell on the negative behaviour, however, my teaching staff have never been so positive about behaviour.

The seating plans has saved them hours of work alone and they are already building them into their CPD. Using the intelligence alerts is so powerful and I know we have only just started to see the benefits.


“I really love the way you and your support team (especially Jamie B) are so responsive.”

Nothing is too much trouble and your development team appear to always be developing my wish list.

“As a Data Manager, you have saved me hours of report writing and analysis.”


We are so pleased with the product and look forward to working closely with you and your team in the future. Please share my congratulations to everyone involved.

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