Class Charts Homework Module

Introducing Class Charts Homework: No new logins, no new integrations, just a super quick & remote way for teachers to set, share and monitor homework.

Set homework in seconds

Quickly and easily set homework from in the class or at home within Class Charts.

To ensure your pupils are keeping on top of homework you can use the Class Charts Homework module to manage the homework process remotely. Our Homework Module will make it easy for schools to effectively track and set homework and send out any other necessary information. Click here for information on our announcements module.

Share homework with pupils & parents

The end of pupil excuses! Embed your school’s homework calendar on your school website so pupils and parents are always aware of expectations. Share via our iOS & Android apps.

For parents/carers, it will provide visibility and transparency regarding the homework details and deadlines your child has received from school.

Pupils and parents/carers will need to receive login details to their Class Charts accounts.

  • For pupils, this will allow you to see homework relevant to you.
  • For parents, you will be able to see what homework/announcements your child has received.

Homework insights

Simple to produce but detailed in their analysis – our reports allow the school to track homework submissions by pupils.

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