The impact is already huge, we have been able to launch active walkabouts with mobile devices giving a live feed, and allowing instant praise and instant rebuke. This has made the streamlining of the business of pastoral care more useful and more meaningful.

Our Pastoral Bulletin is now essentially a mini weekly INSET and the analytics allow us to produce daily updates to keep everyone informed.

“Class Charts is not only a great product but a developing product” 

Nicholas Lindsay, Deputy Head teacher (Pastoral Care), at Hurworth School


“We are an “outstanding” school who have been modernising our pastoral systems since September 2013. Class Charts has represented a natural stage of progression on that process and has quickly become central to everything we do inside school.

We heard about you from a partner school in our town wide Darlington Behaviour and Attendance Partnership. Quickly we were able to see how this system built massively and expanded upon the SIMS network, allowing us to offer bespoke interventions and support to pupils.

We were looking for a system which allowed us instant updates, a means to feed our internal pastoral analysis, something which could automatically book sanctions and distribute reward. Something visual to use in daily interactions with individuals and groups and something which could demonstrate and pinpoint what was going well and what needed to improve.

“I was really attracted to the fact that Class Charts was evolving with us – already intelligence systems.”

Segmentation of pie charts, development of tutor group reports and tighter parental features have been developed and this has been brilliant.

I wanted to make our pastoral updates and interventions truly interactive and show staff exactly why the interventions and advice was being dispensed. ClassCharts was it!

We are in the process of streamlining how we demonstrate the narrative of a lesson through Class Charts to make improve a holistic approach – making the stats reflect the full story and giving the nest possible information and support to all


What we are like to deal with / customer support:

The best thing about Class Charts is that not only is it a great product but a developing product – customer service is superb and they are open to innovations and changes to improve the product.

It’s not just rhetoric – it comes into fruition.

“…customer service is superb and they are open to innovations and changes to improve the product.  “

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