Printable Detention Slips


Another Reason Students Shouldn’t Miss Detentions


Everybody forgets about things they need to attend and students are no different. In Class Charts we now offer the option of using printable detention slips which can be handed out to students to let them know what type of detention they have, what time the detention is, where the detention is and any detention notes. They are easy to create and can be printed off at a teachers convenience.


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Easy to prepare, these slips can be handed to students when detentions are awarded and can be handed back into staff when they have attended the detention. The printable detention slips can also be a reminder to teachers to change the students detention status on the Class Charts website from ‘Not attended’ to ‘Attended’.


Printable detention slips

detntion slip

The detention slips can also tell staff taking the detentions  why a student is there and what they should be doing during the detention whether that is finishing off homework, reading a certain piece of work or something else. This is helpful for staff as there may be several students in their detention class and the printable detention slips are a handy way of keeping track of what tasks each student should be getting on with.

Follow the link below to a guide on how to create printable detention slips