Student rewards store

We all respond to incentives.  From tax breaks to lower insurance quotes, we know how to
behave in order to reap rewards.  Pupils are no different and with the help of our Student Rewards Store, pupils can become immediately aware of the benefits to themselves for positive behaviour.  Inspired by Bruce Forsythe’s Play Your Cards Right – Points Mean Prizes! Pupils are able to take responsibility for their behaviour and understand the correlation between positive behaviour and positive reinforcement.


Student Rewards Store


Our Rewards Store can be fully customisable to whatever your school wants to offer allowing pupils to login to their pupil accounts and spend their points accordingly.

Rewards can be as creative as you like ranging from non-financial rewards like early lunch passes or extra privalages during break times, or if you would like to reward them with monetary investment, any kinds of product can be input into the system.  Prizes like school trips can even be input with a quota so prizes are not over allocated.

We hope we have thought of almost everything that a school would need when trying to provide an effective student rewards store in school, however we are always corresponding with schools to improve Class Charts.