Two Way Communication

Our Two Way Communication module enables schools to create message threads with any parent/carer or pupil. Messages can be sent straight to parents and pupils with key information and teachers can directly answer any questions. When parents/carers download the Class Charts app you can turn every message into an instant push notification which will keep parents informed of important updates straight to their phones adding speed and reassurance to Two Way Communications.

Two way messaging to parents/carers:


Class Charts Two Way Communication allows messaging between teachers and parents. This enables you to reach even more parents by engaging with them in a way that suits them. This also allows you to view a history of messages sent and received.

Two way messaging to pupils:

Class Charts Two Way Communication allows messaging between teachers and pupils. This can be used to convey any essential messages to pupils or to check in on how they are doing in combination with our Wellbeing and Homework Modules.

Send photos and files

Easily send and receive important documents such as letters home, school trip forms etc.

  • Save on print and paper costs by putting your documents online
  • Unlimited document and image uploads
  • Quickest way to receive documents from parents/guardians


wellbeing chart

Push Notifications 

Push notifications will ensure parents and pupils receive notifications right to the phone in their hand. This great feature reduces the need for direct contact and ensures parents and pupils see the information you need to deliver.

  • Instant notifications
  • Send to all users, parents, pupils or custom groups





Sending Mutiple Messages 

Two Way Communication allows you to create messages and send to multiple pupils or parents at once saving time. 

  • Instantly send the same message to multiple groups
  • Timesaving and efficient