Monitor your pupils interactions for a safer,

stress-free classroom


Schools now need quick and easy – yet highly effective – way to accelerate their safety precautions and guarantee a safe classroom environment.

That’s why Class Charts now allows schools to monitor every pupils’ interaction history. Support your school’s social distancing efforts, and enable a confident, safe school environment.

*(Class Charts Interaction History is only currently available for SIMS schools integrated with Wonde or XoD).

Pupil Interaction Reports

You are able to instantly track a specific pupils interactions with other pupils within the classroom, as well as the member of staff that taught them and the room they were in. 

Colour Coded

The colour coding provides a rapid assessment of which pupils may have been at risk.

Instant Close Proximity lists

You are able to quickly filter the report to show pupils who have been in confirmed close proximity to one another within a certain time frame.


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COVID Test Tracking

COVID Test Tracking is a new feature which quickly and easily allows you to record pupils’ COVID tests, along with the barcode, the result and any additional details. Test information can be added as a whole year group*, within a class, directly from the Pupil Details table and directly from Interaction History. Special Custom Fields can be used to automatically show when a pupil last had a test. All information can be exported to support with reporting requirements.

NEW! Parents can record and submit test to the school via their parent accounts. 

*Please contact us to enable year group classes if they are not already available in your account

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