We have completed a redesign of our pupil and parent accounts and applications!

Pupils and parents will receive an update to their installed apps from the Google Playstore (Pending release) or Apple Appstore (OUT NOW) in due course. Their sessions will remain logged in if they have chosen the ‘Remember Me?’ option.

On release, apps will update automatically depending on the users store settings. If apps are not set to update automatically then users will need to visit the following:

For iOS please click here.
For Android please click here.
For iOS please click here.
For Android please click here.

For guides on the new applications please click here (for parents) and here (for pupils).

What’s new?

  • Announcements

Announcements are our brand new feature for schools on our Engage Package and those on Legacy with Behaviour module. Announcements are shared to pupils of your choice via the pupil and parent accounts/apps. You can enable announcements from School Settings > Modules >

Who can send and view announcements is now controlled by a permission – ‘Announcements’, in School Settings > Teachers > Teachers List. This will be ticked by default for admin users only, but it can be ticked for any user.

Please click here for the guide on how to create/send/edit announcements to pupils and parents.

  • Timetable

Timetable is viewable on the pupil and parent accounts/apps for all schools using Wonde on SIMS. We are working on allowing XOD users on SIMS to also view timetable information. You can enable timetable from School Settings > Pupils & Parents >

  • Wellbeing

Wellbeing submissions by parents and pupils can now be done via their accounts/app for schools who have purchased the Wellbeing module. You can enable wellbeing submissions by parents and pupils from School Settings > Pupils & Parents > The wellbeing feature for parents/pupils will be disabled by default for all schools who have purchased the Wellbeing module. Trackers can be displayed to parents/pupils in School Settings > Wellbeing. 

We display parent/pupil submissions on pupil graphs in their reports, activity feed and display in breakdown reports. Pupils/parents cannot see each others submissions or teachers submissions, only their own. Parents can not see other parents submissions. Teachers (with Wellbeing permission ticked) can see all submissions.

To view more information on our Wellbeing module or to request a demo please click here.

For any further information or queries please contact us at support@edukey.co.uk.